April Jake Crites

I received my products yesterday. I've been desperately looking other sources of pain relief other than my narcotics I've been on for 8 months. I used my cbd oil this morning, 1 drop under the tongue and waited. About 25 minutes later I was able to actually move a little without taking a pill! So, I took 1 more drop about 5 minutes ago and haven't hit the full effects (if you will) out of it but I'm so happy I can actually move and it's taken the edge off so far. I'm so extremely grateful that this is working for me and that I've found this page!

Cassandra Lehmkuhl

So I have been taking cbd in a daily basis for a little while now, and I have noticed something incredible! Usually I am super depressed, and angry for no reason and I am no stranger to the anxiety either. But here recently I have noticed a significant decrease in all of the above! I havnt had an anxiety attack for 8 days now. I am used to the steady always panicky feeling in the back of my mind and its faded so much since I started taking my NanoUltra! I couldn't be happier with the product.

Chelsea Smith

I recieved my Heneplex today! I absolutely LOVE it! I use it for chronic pain in my back, shoulders, and ribs. Its a lifesaver!

Lisa Winta

Yesterday I had the usual back pain which leaves me unable to move much. I remembered I had the CBD sucker that you gave me at the fair. I sucked only half of it and gradually realized I was no longer in pain. I could move and focus on work again. And today, I have had no pain and have been able to sustain a full day of yard work and was able to fully clean my house for the first time in a month. No pain. In my younger days I learned and enjoyed very much the high of smoking marijuana, thus the THC. Non of that feeling accompanied my feelings of the last 24 hours after the CBD sucker. Only pain relief and ability to move and focus. Thank you!

Melanie Douglas

I put one drop under my tongue this morning and I was able to go downstairs without extreme discomfort. I'm not pain free, but my pain is now manageable.